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Celebrate your freedom to control your own website...your own content...your own internet presence!


If you are interested in joining this project, please email the project administrator with your qualifications or a link to your SourceForge developer information.

Currently looking for:
  • php programmers
  • Javascript programmers
  • VB programmers

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Project stage at this point...

What is Fira!

Fira! is to be an easy use, Windows based, graphical interface for setting up an Apache web server...and so much more.

Many people know what a WAMP is. Think of this as WAMPlus.

With the click of a mouse administrators will be able to enable various website modules.

Basic Fira! sets up a complete Apache webserver, MySQL database, a mail server, and installs php and phpmyadmin with web interface. Then assists the administrator with setting up a DYNDNS account and activates the DYNDNS client.

Using a collection of open source programs we plan to develop a modular program that will allow anyone with a broadband connection to host their own website.

Basically a WAMP project plus a bulletin board, email, calendar, file server, ftp…and others as they are requested.

The program will initialize with a setup portal where the administrator will be able to add or remove modules by simply checking a box and answering a few questions. The program will do the rest. No need for the end user to have to deal with any kind of command line editing, creating or editing directories, database interfacing, etc.

Our current plans are to incorporate the following open source programs in the basic setup:

  • Apache web server

  • Filezilla

  • hmail server

  • php

  • phpmyadmin

  • phpmyvsites
  • Extended offerings may include the following additional open source offerings:

  • Coppermine

  • phpBB

  • phprojekt

  • SquirrelMail
  • In addition offering the following optional services:

  • Folding@Home

  • AmberAlert service
  • Additional services and programs may be added at a later time.